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Storage packing supplies (Click to enlarge)
Storage Packing Supplies

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Self Storage Packing offer information on storage packaging, as well as a variety of self storage packing products, from Bubble Wrap, to Tape Gun, Padlock, to Storage Boxes, Covers, Containers, and others.

Storage Packing Items

You will want to make sure that your belongings and valuables, especially crockery and glassware are safely packed ready for transportation and storage. The best way to do this is to use professional packaging materials and take the advice of the experts on the right techniques to use to ensure your goods remain undamaged.
Small Kit

Storage Kit Small

    Content of this Storage Kit:
  • 2 of Book/Archive Boxes ((L389 x W304 x H244) 15' x 12' x 9' ins)
  • 5 of Cardboard Boxes ((457mm x 457mm x 254mm) 18' x 18' x 10' ins)
  • 3 of Cardboard Boxes ((457mm x 457mm x 508mm) 18' x 18' x 20' ins)
  • Bubble Wrap - large bubbles (300mm wide 50 metre long)
  • Tissue ((457mm x 711mm - 500 sheets) 18' x 28' ins)
  • Tape per 51mm/2' ins Roll
  • Marker pen black

£41.00 (inc VAT)
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(plus £4.99 - Standard Delivery)

Wardrobe Box with Rail

Wardrobe storage box
Wardrobe Storage Box

  • (450 x 510 x 1220)mm 18' x 20' x 48' ... Holds 30 items.

Wardrobe removal boxes storage packing idead (Click to enlarge)
Wardrobe Removal Boxes
Storage Packing Ideas
By Johnswords via Flickr

£10.99 (inc VAT)
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(plus £4.99 - Standard Delivery)


Self storage packing paper
Self Storage Packing Paper

  • (381 x 508 - 150 sheets) 15 x 20 ins

£7.99 (inc VAT)
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(plus £2.00 - Standard Delivery)

Marker Pen

Moving house without the stress

It is fairly common knowledge that moving house ranks up there with divorce and death as one of the more stressful things we have to endure in our lifetimes, but it doesnít always need to be so. With a little careful planning and some well thought out organisation, you can take some of the stress out of the event and spend more time looking forward to living in your new home. Here are some top tips for getting moved with less fuss:

  1. Set a date and buy a calendar
    It might sound obvious, but by setting a date for your house move, you have a concrete deadline to work towards. As soon as you have the confirmation of your move in date from your estate or letting agent, get yourself a nice big calendar and circle that date in red! Work backwards from that day to figure out what you need to do and when, and remember that things like your broadband and digital TV services will often require 30 daysí notice.
  2. Little and often
    As the moving date approaches, it can be all too easy to look around the house and panic about how much there is to do. Rather than viewing the house as a whole, try to tackle it one box at a time. Order your boxes from your removal or self storage company in plenty of time, and try to pack just one boxful of belongings each day. Guaranteed you will soon find that the house is becoming clearer and the task is nowhere near as daunting. Try not to leave everything until the last minute, as this is guaranteed to result in rows, tears and stress!
  3. Ask to take measurements
    Houses can be deceptive, particularly if you viewed your new home empty. Rooms can look much bigger (or smaller) than they actually are, and it can be incredibly hard to picture your own belongings in there. Ask your agent to take you on another viewing and take your tape measure with you. Donít forget to check things like doorways and turns on stairs to make sure your furniture is going to fit. If you find something will not go into the new house, it doesnít mean you have to get rid of it. There are plenty of cheap storage solutions around that mean you can keep family heirlooms or treasured pieces safe and secure if you really canít bear to part with them.
  4. Be flexible
    You donít need to take a course in yoga to be flexible. You just need to realise that in house moves, things are subject to change. Particularly if you are buying a property, you might find something happens to hold up the seller, leaving you to face holding up and potentially losing your buyer. Instead of panicking, try to think outside the box and do whatever is best for you and your buyer. You could consider moving all your belongings into an inexpensive storage unit for a few days and renting a place to live. If it means the difference between you getting your sale or not, then it has to be worth consideration.

  5. Marker pen black (Click to enlarge)
    Marker Pen Black
    • Marker pen color Black

    £1.49 (inc VAT)
    | Click to Buy...
    (plus £0.99 - Standard Delivery)

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Soft Furnishings / Covers

Soft furnishing pack
Storage Sheds/Covers
(Soft Furnishing Pack)

  • Plastic Sofa Cover x 1 ((1143 x 3861)mm 45' x 152')
  • Plastic Chair Covers x 2 ((1930 x 1372)mm 76' x 54')
  • King Mattress Plastic Cover x 1 ((L2286 x W1930 x D254mm) 90' x 76' x 10')
  • Single Mattress Plastic cover x 1 ((L2184 x W1016 x D254)mm 86' x 40' x 10')

£17.50 (inc VAT)
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(plus £4.99 - Standard Delivery)


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