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Packing IdeasPacking Ideas - When it comes to Storage Packing for removal services there are some Packing Ideasthat can make life so much easier. Some companies can do the job for you, or you can DIY following appropiate technique.

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How To Pack Moving have some advice tips about self storage packing.

Storage Tips

  1. The most important consideration when packing delicate, fragile and breakable items is the selection of suitable storage boxes. There is no point in carefully wrapping items if the box they are to go in is too flimsy to hold them safely.

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  2. Always wrap fragile items like plates, saucers, china, cups, bowls, glassware and crystal, individually first and then place in the box. Place larger items, rim down, on a crumpled paper base, in the bottom of a box with a further layer of cushioning above them.

  3. Stack plates and flat crockery items on their edge, never flat, as a middle layer. Then cups and glasses, wrapped in tissue paper, rim down, as the top layer. Put good cushioning, preferably thick card or crumpled paper, between each layer.

  4. Never put cups, glasses, bowls, vases etc inside each other. Be careful using old newspapers as the ink can come off onto china and glass and is sometimes difficult to remove. Unprinted 'newsprint' is the better choice. Always fill each box almost to the top, finishing with packing material, and pad the insides to ensure there is no movement of the contents.

  5. Large items such as lamps, hats, artificial flowers, ornaments, small electrical and entertainment items, need to be packed individually in bubble wrap and placed in the appropriate sized box.

  6. Televisions and large electrical goods should be treated as furniture and handled by our transport team.

  7. Mirrors, glass tops and pictures should have the glass protected by thick card and then each item packed in bubble wrap.

  8. Seal each box with packaging tape and write a general description of the contents in the space provided using a bold marker pen.

  9. To ensure safe handling of Books/Magazines and paperwork, we recommend box SDC-018 (or your own box of a similar size). When full this will be a max. weight of 20 Kg, which is a weight safe for manual handling.

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Prohibited items

Prohibited or stolen goods, drugs, pornographic material, potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition. If items such as these are suspected to be contained within your storage unit, the police have the legal right to access your unit.

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