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Self Storage PackingSelf Storage Packing - Self Storage Packing offer information on storage packaging, as well as a variety of self storage packing products, from Bubble Wrap, to Tape Gun, Padlock, to Storage Boxes, Covers, Containers, and others.

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Storage Boxes for safe of your belongings during a removal procedure, moving and transportation of your items on a safety manner, home removers offering boxes and other packing and storage supplies.

When you think of Boxes the first picture to come into you rmind would be the standard cardboard box. However with all the development of materials and new radical designs storage boxes are no longer as mundane as before. Obviously if your looking for a specif box style, say for moving home items such as plates and cutlery, then there is no substitute for the standard box. However if you are looking for more storage items, you can find out more details in the links at the top right [...]

Cardboard Boxes Small

Cardboard boxes small
Cardboard Boxes Small

  • (457 x 457 x 254)mm 18' x 18' x 10'

3.00 (inc VAT)
| Call to Buy...
(plus 2.00 - Standard Delivery)

Cardboard Boxes Medium

Cardboard boxes small
Cardboard Boxes Medium

  • (457 x 457 x 508)mm 18' x 18' x 20'

3.49 (inc VAT)
| Call to Buy...
(plus 2.00 - Standard Delivery)

Cardboard Boxes Large

Cardboard boxes large
Cardboard Boxes Large

  • (457 x 457 x 762)mm 18' x 18' x 30'

4.50 (inc VAT)
| Call to Buy...
(plus 4.99 - Standard Delivery)

Wardrobe Box with Rail

Wardrobe storage box
Wardrobe Storage Box

  • (450 x 510 x 1220)mm 18' x 20' x 48' ... Holds 30 items.

10.99 (inc VAT)
| Call to Buy...
(plus 4.99 - Standard Delivery)

Always placed the heaviest items on the bottom of the box and then arrange items in layers so that the light asylums are at the top. If you have small boxes you can place them into a single large box and fill the gaps with crushed paper. Make sure you do not overload the carton and keep its weight low enough so it can be comfortably lifted by one person.

Storage KitsStorage Kits - In this section you'll find Storage Kits available.... Storage Kits come with everything you need for your moving packaging and self storage, from tape rolls, bubble wraps to cardboard boxes...

Bubble WrapBubble Wrap - Bubble Wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) provide cushioning for precious or breakable items

Packing PaperPacking Paper - Packing Paper items, here you find Moving Clothes, Tissues and Wrapping Papers, use them for wrapping and packing Dishes, Glasses and other miscellaneous items. Keeps your belongings clean and your hands free of ink.

Storage ContainersStorage Containers - Storage Containers products available... Storage Sheds/Covers, Storage Kits, Mattress Cover, Sofa and Chair Covers, Boxes, Plastic Containers

Packing MaterialsPacking Materials - Here you have some Packing Materials ... Bubble Wrap, Storage Covers, Packing Paper, storage boxes, kits and more...

Storage Boxes London - More About Storage Boxes London.

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Book/Archive Box

Archive box
Storage Boxes
Archive Box

(L389 x W304 x H244)mm 15.5' x 12' x 9.5'

3.50 (inc VAT)
| Call to Buy...
20 for 54.50 (inc VAT) Click to Buy...
(plus 4.99 - Standard Delivery)

Archive Box Large

Archive box
Storage Boxes
Archive Box

(L438 x W355 x H292)mm 17.5' x 14' x 11.5'

4.00 (inc VAT)
| Call to Buy...

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